The term walk-on is used in sports, particularly American college athletics, to describe an athlete who becomes part of a team without being recruited beforehand or awarded an athletic scholarship. This results in the differentiation between "walk-on" players and "scholarship" players.

The Washed Up Walkons podcast was born out of our passion for Iowa football. The three of us along with several other former teammates were having an entertaining discussion about our playing days. We started joking that we should start a show where we could let the public in on some of the amazing inside experiences that we had created. So, we did just that. A week later episode 1 of the podcast was live and we’ve been growing ever since. We plan on bringing on as many former Hawkeye athletes as possible and any other relevant guests to keep our content fresh and interesting. We want to impact the incredible Hawkeye fan base with as much entertainment and cool information as we can.